The Bible – a 30 Day overview

30-Day Bible Overview

Day Reading Aprox Timescale Theme Thought
1 Genesis 1 & 2 Creation of the Universe and Man The creation is both a monument of God’s power and a mirror in which we see His wisdom.
2 Gen 3 & 4 Entrance and

Extent of Sin

The one who falls into sin is human; the one who grieves at sin is a saint; the one who boasts of sin is a fool.
3 Gen 12 to 14 1920BC The Call and Travels

of Abram

It is not enough to want to be a useful tool for God: you must be willing to sit still for the grinding that produces the edge.
4 Gen 15 to 17 1910BC The Covenant with Abraham God never promises us an easy time, only a safe arrival.
5 Exodus 1 to 4 1700 -1490BC Israel’s Bondage & Moses’ Call It is God’s resounding “I AM” that drowns out our weak “I can’t.”
6 Ex 20 to 23 1490BC The 10 Commandments,

Civil & Ceremonial Laws

If God had wanted a permissive society, He would have given us the ‘Ten Suggestions’.
7 Leviticus

16 to 20

1490BC Holiness in National & Individual Life Jesus Christ is God’s perfect provision for imperfect people.
8 Numbers

11 to 14

1490BC The People Complaining & Spying Out the Land Some people ask the Lord to guide them; then they grab the steering wheel back.
9 Deuteronomy

5 to 7

1450BC Measures of Obedience Most of modern man’s troubles stem from too much time on his hands and not enough time on his knees.
10 Joshua 6 to 8 1450BC Beginning the Conquest No matter what others think, it is never foolish to obey God.
11 Judges 1 to 3 1425BC Israel in the Land – Military & Spiritual Failure Be careful that your victories do not bring with them the seeds of future defeats.
12 1 Samuel

16 to 19

1060BC David in the Court

of Saul

Learn to see your problems as ‘uncircumcised Philistines’. Face them with courage and faith.
13 2 Sam 6 to 10 1040BC David’s United and Expanding Nation Choosing the expedient way instead of the obedient way can be a hindrance to your furtherance.
14 1 Kings 1 to 4 1015BC Solomon’s Rise to Glory One way to build spiritual strength is to commit God’s Word to memory.
15 1 Kings 5 to 8 1000BC Solomon’s Temple When you don’t know what or how to pray, think about who God is, and let your thoughts of Him guide as you speak to Him.
16 1 Kings 12 to 14 975BC A Nation Torn in Two One step of obedience is better than a hundred sermons.
17 Ezekiel 8 to 11 600BC Departing Glory No church building, however, spectacular, has any value at all unless God’s presence is there.
18 Habakkuk 600 BC The Just Shall Live by Faith Don’t be afraid to bring your hard questions to God. But be prepared for a shock when He answers them … and the possibility that He may not answer them all.
19 2 Chronicles

34 to 36

600BC Judah’s Last Days Some people never change their opinion because, after all, it has been in the family for generations.
20 Jeremiah

31 to 34

600BC New Covenant Promises The answer to God’s question, “Is anything too hard for me?” is still “No!”
21 Matthew 1 & 2 Before AD 4 Arrival of the Messiah Faith is the starting point of obedience
22 Mat 6 to 7 AD30 Teaching by the Messiah Whatever other philosophers may have been, Jesus alone absolutely practiced what He preached.
23 Mat 8 & 9 AD30 Healing by the Messiah It costs to follow Jesus Christ, but it costs more not to.
24 Mat 24 & 25 AD33 Prophecies by the Messiah Be wary, for we too are vulnerable to the attitudes that ensnared the Pharisees.
25 Mat 26 to 28 AD33 The Work of the Messiah From Christ’s death flow all our hopes.
26 Acts 3 & 4 AD33 The Church Empowered The Christian is bred by the Word and he must be fed by it.
27 Romans 1 to 3 AD60 Problem of Unrighteousness We do not so much ‘break’ God’s laws, as break ourselves upon them.
28 Rom 4 AD60 Provision of Righteousness Those who deserve love the least are the ones who need it the most.
29 1 Corinthians 15 AD60 Perspectives on the Resurrection Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
30 Revelation

20 to 21

AD90 Doom of the Devil and Death … Delight of the New Heaven and Earth Satan never fears the Christian whose Bible is covered with dust.

hb3 (1)The object of this Bible reading plan is to give merely a brief chronological outline of its contents. Not included, but highly recommended at any time, is the reading of the Psalms and Proverbs which speak to our daily experiences and needs.

Reading the 39 books of the Old Testament and 27 books of the New Testament (1189 chapters) can be achieved within a year by reading 4 chapters a day. Contact us if you’d like help with a structured reading plan.

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