There’s limited, short-term on-street parking in Killigrew Street and nearby.

The nearest parking is the Moor public car park (see below): Satnav TR11 3QA.

This is just a few yards down from our church (see the map on the right for our church location).

The downside is that spaces are fairly limited at the Moor. It’s quite expensive too. Parking costs £2.60 for one to two hours; £4.10 for two to three hours and a flat fee of £2 after 5pm for the whole evening.

However, lots of spaces are available in the Town Quarry car park (see map below): Satnav TR11 3QA

This is only a 5-6 walk away from our church, although Quarry Hill is a steep slope. So sometimes it’s convenient for gallant drivers to drop off/pickup passengers at the bottom of Quarry Hill.

The current (2014) parking charges are £1 for up to two hours and £3.50 for two to three hours. After 5pm, there’s a flat fee of £2 for the whole evening.

However you manage to get here, you can look forward to a warm welcome. It would be great to see you.

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