We believe the Bible is God’s Word – and we seek to preach it faithfully in our church. Here are a few recent sermons from FEC:


  1. Making the Choice, Identifying with God’s People (Exodus Chapters 1 & 2) – Tom Hill


2. Behold the Lamb of God! – Perfect and Precious (John 1 : 29) – Mike Coles


3. Behold the Lamb of God! – Propitiatory and Persevering (John 1 : 29) – Mike Coles


4. Salt and Light (Matt 5:11-16) – Mike Coles – Sunday 7 May 17 (am)


5. Moses Learning & Preparation (Exod 2) – Tom Hill


6. The fruitful grain (John 12:24) – Mike Coles – Sunday 28 May 17 (am)




You might also like to visit the Sermon Audio website for sermons from other churches, many similar to ourselves.




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