Bringing about new life

It’s a wonderful thing when God moves in someone’s life. Here are the accounts of two members of our church – and how their became Christians.

How Jesus saved me – one person’s story

If a place in heaven could be earned by family connections then I would have had one reserved for me a long time ago!  Grandfather – a pioneer missionary in India in the early 1900’s; father and brother – Methodist preachers; sister –  a Christian worker in the Middle East.  Surely I must be a Christian too, or so I thought.

I was 18 years old before I realised it isn’t who you know on earth, but Who you are known by in Heaven that counts.  My regular Church attendance gave me a good knowledge of Bible stories, but it was not until I joined a small Bible study group that I realised that I was not actually a Christian.  These young people had a personal relationship with God and it showed when they prayed and read the Bible.  Their prayers were conversations with a Holy, loving heavenly Father, and they read the Bible accepting it as God’s word and expecting Him to speak to them through it.

This was something I had not met before in all my years of Churchgoing. I knew the facts about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but had not seen that He had died for MY sins.  I deserved to die, but Jesus took my punishment.

Once my eyes were opened I asked God to forgive me – and He did!  How different the Bible stories now looked. Good Friday was no longer a day to feel miserable because Jesus was dead, and Easter Sunday a celebration with chocolate eggs!  Easter was a time to remember with thankfulness that Jesus died in my place and I did not need to fear the wrath of God for my sin.

That was over thirty years ago and the Lord has become more precious over the years.  In times of great sadness as well as in my joys I have known His tenderness and forgiveness, and I look forward to spending eternity with Him too.

Another member’s testimony …

Although I had been brought up in a Christian hom, and my parents took me to the local Baptist church to attend Sunday school -later remaining for the morning service,  it was not until the death of my parents and my fiancee that  I began to find any real meaning in religion.

The deaths of those closest to meant I began feeling very low, suicidal and sorrowful. Some Christian friends took me to various churches where the Word of God was being preached, and that was when faith and belief in God began to make sense.

Some of the churches were involved in the charismatic movement where people spoke in tongues, interpreted, prophesied (added to scripture) healings took place and people were ‘slain in the Spirit’. I now know these things are not according to the bible.

At a gospel service in 1977 in a nearby Methodist church I finally came to know Jesus Christ. The same night I invited Jesus Christ into my life and accepted him as my Saviour – something I have never regretted.

Whilst attending the Baptist church I attended baptismal classes to learn from the bible what baptism meant and in 1980 I was baptised, understanding this was an outward witness to show others of a committment to the christian faith.

Before becoming a Christian and afterwards I experienced many trials and temptations and sad to say gave into them but the Lord has never let me go and has helped me to resist wrong.

I was happily married to a Christian in 1992 at the local baptist church and together we attended the Cornish Brethren Assemblies for their various services as my husband was of that persuasion.

In 1995 we started attending Falmouth Evangelical Church (FEC) and continued with the Brethren Assemblies meeting until such time as my husband’s health deteriorated and in 1999 he went home to be with his Lord.

I am now in membership at FEC and attend regularly its various meetings including bible study and times for prayer. I am beginning to come into a deeper understanding and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through bible study and the sound and truthful teaching of my Pastor and others who take the pulpit.

In conclusion my past history has been very complicated, sinful and I have been faced with many sorrowful and regretful moments, especially when loved ones have died, particularly my husband. I know that Jesus Christ has seen me through these different situations and circumstances and without his help and the help and support of others in the various fellowships I’ve attended I would not be here now.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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