It would be wonderful to see you at our Sunday services!

Morning service: 10.30am

This service is ideal if you’re new to the Bible and want to know more.
You are welcome to stay after for tea and coffee.

(Sunday School starts during the morning service. See children’s meetings.)

Evening service: 6.30pm

This service includes Bible teaching especially useful to Christians.
You are welcome to stay after for tea and coffee.

Helpful notes
Plenty of spare Bibles are available if you need one. We tend to use the New King James version of the Bible. Some people might use the Authorised Version, English Standard Version or use other Bible versions. We use Christian Hymns as our hymnbook, accompanied by piano.

We don’t take up an offering during services. However, anyone is free to make a gift if they wish – in the bookcase by the door.

We have a hearing loop during services (set hearing aids to the T position).

Other Sunday meetings

(We also have meetings for children and teenagers on Sunday afternoons.)

Everyone is invited to the following meetings:

Sunday tea: 5pm
Join us for light refreshments before the evening service.

Sunday prayer meeting: 6pm
We have a short prayer meeting just before our evening service. We also have a midweek prayer meeting.

The Lord’s Supper (communion)
This is shared during some of our services. Visitors are welcome to participate. But please note that communion should only be taken by born-again Christians who have been baptised and are in harmony with their own churches. Anyone else is welcome to sit and stay during the service, but please let the bread and wine pass by. Thank you.

Please contact us for more details about any of our meetings.

Also see our meetings for children and for young people.

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